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Pak Eagle Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear Customer, your personal information is very important to us. we do our best to take care of your information including, personal info and your business or corporate information. we have develop our website in such a way that it may not harm you and leak your important information to any one else.

Information that we collect :
when a user visit our website, we collect its country, and city location for our website tracking purpose. and a customer which become our customer, we collect its following information including name, email address, contact address, telephone number, sex, age, country, city, state, payment info like credit card info etc.

when you sign up with us, our system collect these info by online forms and customer registration, cookie also collect that date and time. we track these info for our customer products and services, and making reports.

Information used by us for these purposes
This all information is very important to us, and this info is saved on our servers with very security. we need these information for customer billing info , to send invoices, contact to customers for support and new offers. and clear payment by credit cards. our customer detail is stored in database is used by its owner to edit his info any time and make changes to its. and incase of queer or communication we send emails to his given email address and letters to his name and address.

Security of personal information:
PakEagle.Com.Pk don't disclose any customer information to any other user. and to any third party, information can only be disclosed for lawful purpose. your email address is kept secure from online crawlers, which collect email address for email marketing and advertisement to protect you to receive spam emails. your personal credit cards detail is kept safe in security to handle misuse of credit cards.

Update or Changes to your personal information:
Any customer can change or edit its sales or personal information any time by logging in its control panel in customer section. and save new information. our team is always check customer information. is that info is genuine or false info. any customer cant use fake info with us.

Remove of your personal information:
When any customer leave our services and discontinues us, we review its status and delete his all information that is held on our servers. so that that info is permanent remove from us to protect data protection issue clause.

if your have any question regarding our privacy issue, contact us at

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