Our Team

Muhammad Rafi Dr. Zia-al-Hassan Rana Zafar-ur-Rehman Shaheen  
Muhammad Rafi
Chief Executive (CEO)
Dr. Zia-al-Hassan
Managing Director
Rana Zafar-ur-Rehman
Legal Advisor
Project Administrator
Waseem Mirza Nishan Ali Muzimmal Hussain Sajid Saim Attiq-ur-Rehman
Waseem Mirza
Graphics/Web Designer
Nishan Ali
Graphics/Web Designer
Muzimmal Hussain
Graphics/Web Designer
Sajid Saim
Graphics/Web Designer
Graphics/Web Designer
Shabbir Miss Rubina Rubi Miss Farah Naz Hina Khan Mariya
Graphics Designer
Miss Rubina Rubi
Graphics/Web Designer
Miss Farah Naz
Graphics/Web Designer
Hina Khan
Graphics/Web Designe
Graphics/Web Designe
Kamran Waris Haider Tareen Noman Ali Farzana Naeem Hira Mubeen
Kamran Waris
Graphics/Web Designe
Haider Tareen
Graphics/Web Designe
Noman Ali
Graphics/Web Designe
Farzana Naeem
Graphics/Web Designe
Hira Mubeen
Graphics/Web Designe

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