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Printed newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with customers and industry analysts. But, of course, printing and postage are expensive.

Much like e-mail marketing, this is where the Internet - and Pak Eagle come in. With us you can save huge money while staying in touch with the target audiences that matter to your profitability. And because online newsletters are distributed electronically, customers are just a click away from two-way communication.

That's something no old-fashioned newsletter could ever offer. Some companies even use this type of correspondence for additional revenue streams - by selling their newsletter advertising space to other companies.

E-mail newsletters or website newsletters - however you want to send the news - We will make sure it's good news to your bottom line. 

Internet, Web and E-mail newsletters

Ride the latest wave in business communications by publishing an Internet, Web or e-mail newsletter. These electronic newsletters are substantially less expensive than printed newsletters because you don't have to pay for printing, postage or shipping costs. Plus production turnaround time is much quicker, so readers will have more timely access to your newsletter.

We can produce online publications, which are hosted on a Web site or Intranet and must be viewed through a Web browser, and e-mail newsletters, which are sent directly to readers' e-mail addresses.

If your newsletter is published on the Internet, you'll have access to millions of potential readers/customers worldwide. No other medium reaches such a vast audience for such a low cost.

An Internet newsletter can also help attract viewers to your existing company Web site. Successful Internet marketers agree: To be successful, company home pages must offer readers more than just the typical sales pitch.

Today's most effective Web sites attract readers by providing useful, dynamic, ever-changing information. Adding an Internet newsletter is an ideal way to boost your Web site's content and attract more visitors to your company home page.

E-mail newsletters are another option, especially for those with a tight budget. E-mail publications are the least expensive of all newsletters to produce. They also have the quickest production turnaround time, so e-mail newsletters provide an excellent forum for sending out time-sensitive news.

We can also distribute your e-mail newsletter to your readers, whether you have hundreds or thousands of subscribers. We can also give you detailed statistics regarding the e-mailing of the newsletter, such as how many people opened the e-mail, how many people clicked on each link, etc. We also offer automatic bounce management, and subscribe and unsubscribe features to make the ongoing maintenance of your e-mailing list a breeze.

For more helpful information on online and e-mail newsletters in general, see the following articles on this Web site: 

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